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Traffic management

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Traffic management is still a huge problem in Srinagar city, despite all the efforts by authorities to make it smooth. In the past several months traffic police has been virtually fining all the vehicles including two wheelers on the streets of Srinagar in order to maintain the order on streets and avoid logjams.

Traffic police has only one mantra for the smooth functioning of traffic. They will lift hundreds of vehicles everyday and fine them while as the people have been fuming due to this exercise on the streets of Srinagar.

People are being charged thousands of rupees as fine if they do not respond to the tags of fine, on their vehicles kept by traffic officials. This has resulted in huge problem for the common people as during these days of spring, all the schools and educational institutions are open and parents have no parking space available to wait for their wards.

Traffic police has been very ruthless with shopkeepers of Lalchowk, Regal Chowk and Polo View. Neither the costumers nor the owners of the shops are allowed to keep their vehicles on the parking space already identifying by white paint marks by the traffic cops.

This has resulted in further dip in the normal business in the main business centers of Srinagar and common people have no space available to go and get their grievance redressed.

There are allegations of very serious nature against traffic department and against their operation of lifting vehicles in Srinagar city by cranes which have been hired from private parties.

People have been complaining to the higher ups about such shady operations being conducted in Srinagar city by traffic department but it seems that they are looking other way. Traffic management is no rocket science and the government knows that the remedy is in providing more parking spaces for the people to keep their vehicles.

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