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Amid COVID-19 scare, Kashmiris appeal authorities to restore 4G internet

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Srinagar: Ever since the coronavirus scare has reached the Kashmir valley, people from various quarters of life have called on the authorities to resume 4G services in the region that has been bereft of high speed internet for over seven months now.

The appeals have multiplied ever since the administration ordered a slew of measures to combat the novel coronavirus that has killed thousands worldwide.

As the world turns to lockdown to stop more infections, Kashmiris are pleading to government to resume 4G services so that they can also stay at home and get information about the virus that has it’s roots in China’s Wuhan province.

When the government announced the shutting down of educational institutions, concerned parents and students appealed authorities to resume high speed internet so that the education of their children who stayed home for seven months does not get affected once again.

Similar appeal was echoed by Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) who called on the government to immediately restore the high-speed 4G mobile internet connectivity in Kashmir as students are continuously being denied the right to education, both in offline and online mode.

The Association said that it is extremely saddening to see that government doesn’t have an iota of concern to help students at this crucial juncture. “They are always at the forefront of closing down educational institutes. Be it curfews, post-august situation or now coronavirus scare, our children have been denied education for the last more than seven months,” said G N Var president PSAJK.

Not only PSAJK, but common people took to their social media handles braving snail paced internet, yet calling on authorities to restore the services. “Restore 4G internet so that our children can study online like Iranian and Italian children.”Wrote one social media user. Many countries inlcluding Iran have started online education for students.

On Twitter #Restore4GinKashmir has been trending too. “Now that we are going to home quarantine, please resume 4G so that we can stay home and stop the disease from spreading.” Tweeted a user.

Not only this, but whenever an official posts about coronavirus, most comments by social media users are about restoration of 4G.

A lockdown was imposed in Kashmir following the abrogation of Article-370 in Jammu and Kashmir by the BJP led central government.

Authorities imposed a harsh curfew and snapped all forms of communication in the valley. Sensing trouble over the move they also detained hundreds including three former chief ministers.

While the restrictions were gradually eased down, the phone services were resumed in Kashmir after over 70 days. To this day high speed internet services and hundreds of Kashmiris continue to remain in detention.


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