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Div Com appeals to maintain social distance, avoid religious gatherings

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Asks people to observe ‘Janta Curfew’ in letter and spirit

SRINAGAR, MARCH 20: Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Padurang K. Pole today appealed  people to adhere to the advisories issued by the government and take all the precautionary measures to tackle the threat posed by Corona Virus.

Div Com Kashmir emphasized that it is better to take precautionary measures to stay safe from  COVID-19 and has asked people  to maintain social distancing and avoid social and religious gatherings.

Div Com also appealed people to make  ‘Janta Curfew’ a success by observing it in letter and spirit on March 22 between 7 am and 9 pm during which people shall stay at home.  Janta Curfew shall, in a way, be a litmus test for people to see how prepared India is to fight off this global pandemic

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