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Trying times 

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COVID-19 threat is looming large on entire Kashmir valley and more positive cases of infected persons are coming to the fore. These are trying times for all of us and we should collectively try to come out of -this huge challenge. COVID-19 is spreading in Srinagar city due to the negligence of some persons who have travel history and they concealed the facts before the Authorities.

People should come forward if they have a travel history and should try to save not only themselves but their dear ones and also the community at large. There is no logic in hiding the facts if any person has a symptoms of COVID-19. Any kind of laxity will result in infection to more family members, to relatives and also to the neighbor hood.

People should understand the gravity of problem and cooperate with authorities so that the infection does not spread to many house holds in Kashmir. The positive of infection have multiplied only because few infected persons decided to doge authorities and delayed the test. There is no denying of the facts that we have poor health care facilities.

But in the present scenario it is a better of life and death and in such circumstances, suspected or infected persons should not look for five star facilities in the hospitals. It is the duty of Hospitals to keep the quarantine wards neat and clean. Recently a young girl with travel history fled from CD hospital of Srinagar during the dead of night when she encountered a dog in the ward.

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