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The fight against the growing positive cases of coronavirus in Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has entered into a decisive phase. Despite all hardships and problems, common people in Kashmir valley are cooperating with authorities to enforce lockdown. Police and administration should also do the hand holding of people in distress rather than thrashing them on the streets.
Though more positive cases of Covid-19 have been detected even today, people of Kashmir have a firm resolve to defeat this growing virus but at the same time they are facing lot of hardships while staying indoors.
People should understand that how important it is to break the cycle of Covid-19 so that it does not enter in the various pockets of the population as our health care facilities are very low.
Doctors and paramedics are on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19 and they are the real heroes to save the people from this pandemic. Administration instead of issuing threats to doctors and paramedics not to talk about their problems in media, should encourage them to highlight their problems so that administration can take required corrective measures.
This is a joint fight and at this juncture we have to exercise restraint, show patience to bear the problems, which are becoming evident due to this fresh lockdown in Kashmir.
People should understand that it is a fight for life and for survival and it is coming with a cost. It is the duty of administration to minimize the problems of the people and maximize their efforts to mitigate the grievances of common people amid severe restrictions.

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