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73 Kashmiri residents stuck in Thailand demand evacuation

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Srinagar, May 30 (KNS): Seventy three Kashmiri residents stranded in Thailand due to Covid-19 lockdown have appealed authorities to evacuate them at an earliest.
They said that they have been stuck in Bnagkok and other places of Thailand from last three months and since then they have been requesting authorities to evacuate them, but so far there is no positive respond from the authorities.

They said they have been left at the mercy of God and nobody listens to their pleas,” they said, adding that most of them have left any hope of making it back to Kashmir.
“We will die here if authorities won’t take all possible steps at an earliest to evacuate us,” they added.

They said many of them are short of cash as the companies and shops they were working for have wrapped up businesses and have been paid their salaries.
” We have to pay the room rentals and other costs. In this situation borrowing money has also become next to impossible.We are only afraid that things will go worse if they continue to be stranded,” they told KNS.
They appealing the authorities to arrange for their early evacuvation.(KNS)

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