Crescent Kashmir


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Kargil villages all along the LAC touching Pakistan have been living in tension as army troops have been moving during night hours to many hilly posts in the villages. Villagers have been quoted by media as saying that they are feeling the heat of the situation while as Covid-19 pandemic has already made their lives miserable.

Kargil has seen a limited war in 1999, when Pakistani intrusion was repulsed and many of the hill tops were taken back. Most of these hill tops in Kargil were taken over during the winters and even the Kargil town was coming under the direct attack from the intruders. Fearing that Kargil may hot up, army has moved additional forces into all vulnerable areas to plug any such possibility as the standoff in Ladakh region is continuing.

Recent media reports have suggested that several rounds of meetings were held between the local commanders at Galwan river valley. Chinese troops according to the locals first entered at Galwan valley and remained there for several days and went back.

The villagers have been quoted in several sections of media saying that there was an element of surprise in the fresh instruction of Chinese army as after they went back, they finally entered during the night hours much to the surprise of this side. Villagers further said that shepherds from the Chinese side were seen coming into the area on this side during the month of April perhaps with some PLA officials who were doing the survey.

Kargil villagers have the fears that if there is any more movement and acivity in the hills, they may witness another spell of war like situation as they have the experience of 1999 Kargil war when many villagers were forced by the circumstances to leave their homes and live in bunkers.

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