Crescent Kashmir


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Medical fraternity in Jammu and Kashmir has been fighting a great battle against Covid-19 infection and most of the people have appreciated their efforts and relentless services. People are advised to strictly follow health advisories and guidelines, by the doctors but many times we forget to follow such advisories.

Our doctors and paramedics leave no stone unturned and educate people day night about this invisible threat and preventive measures, but despite these efforts, many of us defeat such work by not following these guidelines.

Doctors have recently appreciated the efforts of common people to follow the guidelines and for their continuous cooperation and support in maintaining social distancing and other precautionary measures for containing the virus.

People have a lot of difficulties and have faced a lot of hardships in the past 90 days of lockdown while maintaining social distance. It is the duty of the administration to help those segments of the society who need immediate intervention so that they are not forced by the circumstances to break the guidelines due to hunger and cash crunch.

Frontline health workers have proved their dedication in demanding conditions of Covid-19, flood, natural disasters, and other prevailing circumstances in Kashmir.

Dozens of our doctors, nurses, drivers, paramedics were infected by Covid-19 while delivering their professional services and we cannot forget their services in Kashmir.

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