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In the recent past in Srinagar city and other parts of Kashmir valley, there is an alarming trend of drug abuse especially among the children. The society has expressed its concerns about such a growing trend among the youth and has appealed to the government to intervene and save our generations from getting drowned in the waters of drugs and alcohol.

In the recent past many organizations including DAK have expressed their concern about the growing rise of drug abuse in Kashmir. Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) recently warned society of alarming rise in drug and alcohol abuse especially among youth appealing parents, social organizations, teachers and religious leaders to rise against the menace.

President DAK said over the years Kashmir has witnessed a considerable rise in drug abuse cases as youth are taking drugs due to its easy availability, accessibility and affordability due to its huge local production.

We as society, parents, social organizations, teachers and religious clerks should rise against the same and help in educating youth about the ill effects of drug addiction.

In a statement issued to the media, DAK said J&K has witnessed a steep rise in substance abuse cases over the past two decades saying that the drugs go to places where there is even no public transport.

DAK statement further said that both alcohol and drugs are deleterious for both mental and physical health and become long term social evil.

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