Crescent Kashmir


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UT administration has failed to curb the growing illegal constructions in Srinagar city, other towns and especially around the water bodies like Anchar, Dal and Wular lakes.

Since August 5, last year when the government started a massive clampdown vested interest within the administration police and among the people starting working together resulting in a lot of illegal constructions in no construction zones especially the green zones in the Srinagar city.

When the administration in the month of March started taking note of the illegal constructions another lockdown due to Covid-19 provided more space and time for the illegal constructions to flourish in the entire Jammu and Kashmir.

Illegal constructions are going on in Jammu city and other townships of Jammu regions like in Kashmir valley. Perhaps illegal constructions are going on in a much more manner in the Jammu region rather than in Kashmir valley.

UT administration has failed to preserve the water bodies especially some vulnerable wet lands both in Jammu and Kashmir regions. Wetland at R.S Pora in Jammu is already under great threat and the illegal constructions have further compounded the problem in this area. Similarly the authorities have failed to stop the constructions in the green zones of Jammu city and there is complete silence of administration on such constructions as many of them have political patronage

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