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LG administration has huge disconnection with people:Ashok Bhan

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Chairman,Kashmir (Policy & Strategy) Group,urged Union of india on Thursday urged government to reboot a comprehensive political process in JK Union Territory and open channels either directly or at track-2 levels with various socio-political groupings,civil society,mainstream & non-mainstream politicians including those who for their own reasons so far have been away from the democratic process of the country.

According to statement issued to KNS,Ashok Bhan said there is a growing perception in the UT especially in the valley that current LG administration has a huge disconnect with the people.There is a deep division in the the top echelons of civil services resulting in a major crisis down below in implementing even the people friendly development schemes that could benefit the common masses.
Kashmiris are sick of three decades violence resulted in death & destruction.Almost a generation is in the grave yards.The profound component of Kashmiri civilisation,the Kashmiri Pandits are in exile, longing to return back to Valley.
Enough is enough.

The human rights of the society is in Peril.Kashmir deserves peace,calls for justice and its people wish to live in a violence free & plural environment with economic-political empowerment at all levels and their aspirations respected.
It is obligatory on the Union of India & LG’s administration to create an atmospheric conducive for enjoying the people’s right to safe & secured life & liberty.(KNS)

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