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Parents of the wards studying in private schools of Kashmir have appealed to the government to intervene at the earliest for the implementation of recent government orders including some court orders so that they get some relief from depositing fees while schools and other educational institutions have remained closed for almost one year now.

Parents association has appealed to the authorities that all the previous orders from Government and Courts should be implemented in sequence. Not just those orders which are beneficial to schools. Firstly, they should pay back extra money which they have taken by flouting FFC orders in broad daylight by hiking fees and taking unapproved annual and Admission fees.

The salaries of the staff are always taken up by the schools as a tactic to emotionally blackmail the government and parents as well. Parents association has asked the government that if the parents have been cooperating with the schools since August 2019 by paying full fee, why the schools this time can’t waive off the fee for the pandemic period.

Private schools have recently announced fee waiver to the students whose families have been hit financially due to the COVID19 lockdown. According to the private schools association the waiver would be for those families who had zero income during COVID19 lockdown and will be given up to 100 percent fee waiver.

However the students whose parents are government employees, traders or doing other jobs which ensure direct or indirect income, will have to pay full fee, the association said.

The association further said that all the private schools have required information about the professions of parents of the students.

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