Crescent Kashmir


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This is for the first time in the history of Jammu and Kashmir that the Civil Secretariat will function both from Srinagar and from Jammu for the summer months. On Monday, Darbar  opened in Srinagar but most of the offices have been open even in Jammu secretariat.

Previously the governments used to move the offices out of Kashmir for winters to Jammu and the offices would close in Jammu and open in Srinagar for summer months.

Since the abrogation of article 370, people of Kashmir have been witnessing a lot of changes and initially UT administration was reluctant to send the offices back to Kashmir and after a lot of hue and cry by the political parties, a delayed opening of offices in Srinagar has resulted in partial Darbar move.

As the offices have remained open in Jammu, this Darbar move is virtually over. Is the government going to stop this practice of hundreds of years to move offices for six months to Jammu and bring them back to Kashmir for six months?

Ladakh region has been already carved out as a separate Union Territory with no legislature to be governed directly from New Delhi. Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has the legislature but even after one year there are very less chances of holding of elections for the running of administration in absence of the civilian government, UT administration is being directly run by Union Home Ministry so far.

In such an atmosphere opening of Darbar move partially in Srinagar city has been a very Luke warm exercise by the administration allay fears among the people that importance of Kashmir was being diminished.

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