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Due to re-enforcement of lockdown in Budgam district, all roads were closed and commercial activities were suspended

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Police personnel are monitoring the situation for the second day in a row in key places and towns in Budgam district. Because in view of the order of Budgam-District Deputy Commissioner Shahbaz Mirza and the current epidemic situation, officials at various places in Budgam district had to strictly enforce lockdowns again at a time when many corona tests were being conducted on a daily basis in most such areas. Meanwhile, for the second day in a row, the movement of transport in Qasba Chirar Sharif remained suspended and all government and semi-government commercial activities remained closed and people stayed indoors to avoid possible virus. Meanwhile, Deputy Tehsildar Chirar Sharif Mr. Muhammad Maqbool and SHO Yathar Ahmed Sahib patrolled in the town and other places as usual throughout the day. The beggars, and some visitors without masks, were instructed to return to their places immediately after being instructed to learn the lessons of the global epidemic. Both the officers asked the security personnel of Ziarat Campus to evacuate everyone outside the said gate as soon as possible while the local officials of the Waqf Board were also asked to respond in this regard. The residents of Charar Sharif once again saluted the outstanding performance and duty of the local police especially DSP Fayyaz Ahmed and SHO Yasir Ahmed Sahib and offered their full support to them as before. The KNS correspondent present on the occasion, talked to Deputy Tehsildar Muhammad Maqbool , said that about ten cases have come to light in Charar Sharif town and lockdowns have been imposed in the town with full enforcement. Therefore, every citizen is again appealed to follow the advertised SOPS and follow them in the right way.(KNS)

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