Crescent Kashmir


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Some of the decisions taken by the UT administration of Jammu and Kashmir has invoked curiosity in some circles and anger in others. People are curious to know why the initial lockdown was a week ahead of national lockdown and why there was no schedule announced for supply of essential services and opening shops to end confusion on the ground.

Similarly many public circles are angry both at imposition of lockdown and easing of restrictions. They argue that the government should have eased some restrictions during the lockdown so that people could have lived life with some ease.

They further argue that when the government lifted lockdown, virtually police and authorities disappeared from the streets of Kashmir making it a free for all situation.

There is no denying that fact that lockdown should have been imposed but with some ground work of how the common people get the essentials and also some easing of restrictions with caution to people to adhere to Sop’s to minimize the risk of covid-19 virus.

All set and done, covid-19 pandemic is spreading in Kashmir especially in Srinagar city. Negligence of common people and disappearance of police and authorities from the scene made it a recipe for disaster.

The results were known to people who had some foresight and wisdom. They argued in some media circles that the government should regulate the markets and make sure that people were adhering to the norms set by UT administration to avoid spread of infection in such a manner.


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