Crescent Kashmir


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Eid-ul-Adha is round the corner and the government has decided to keep all the main masjids, shrines closed so that no huge gatherings are not held in this pandemic period. Rapid increase covid-19 positive cases alerted the government and they re-imposed lockdown in a strict manner in the entire Kashmir valley.

Already the authorities have passed the order that the violators of Sop’s on the ground should be panelized. They have even decided to fine people for not wearing masks and other violations of pandemic guidelines.

Recently the government has decided to set up its own facilitation centers for the purchase of sacrificial animals in every district of Kashmir valley. People have been cautioned to maintain social distance and other norms while celebrating Eid-ul-Adha.

In order to avoid unnecessary rush, DCs were asked to notify about operation and timing of mandis and markets places in advance for timely information to the general public.

Government said that custodians of masjids, shrines and khankahas shall be allowed to carry out cleaning of religious structures during these three days as a religious formality, but no gathering shall be allowed at these places.

Stressing on rate regulation of essential commodities and other items, the government instructed concerned to constitute multi-departmental squads to conduct extensive market checking to prevent traders, dealers and shopkeepers resorting to hoarding, overcharging, black marketing or sale of sub-standard items.

It would be virtually impossible for the government to control the rush of Eid Shopping and re-imposition of lockdown ahead of festival has added to problems of the common people then providing any solutions.

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