Crescent Kashmir


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Administration has only one method to kill criticism that they impose lockdown or restrictions in Kashmir. Before Eid ul Adha the same administration allowed hundreds of people to move markets together and now quoting intelligence sources for violent protests have imposed two day curfew.

Whatever the reasons behind such restrictions, fact remains that Covid-19 virus is spreading in Kashmir at an alarming pace, bringing pressure on the health care system here.

There is a shortage of medicines, testing facilities and more doctors along with their paramedical staff are testing positive to the virus, forcing most of the senior doctors to remain away from Covid ward. This has resulted in confusion in the Covid hospitals of Srinagar and many patients despite testing positive are trying to isolate themselves in their homes rather than going to the hospitals.

Already bureaucrats have issued a government order prohibiting doctors from talking to the media and can invoke disciplinary action against them.

Despite a ban doctors recently told the media that they have 800 Covid beds and 100 ventilators available. One of the recent government bulletins on Covid said that we have over 20000 patients. Most of the patients admitted are symptomatic and have respiratory problems that need oxygen and ventilators. It is very difficult for any media outlet in Kashmir to get a quote from any senior official regarding Covid-19 preparation and challenges. No officer gave any official version about the claims of two senior doctors regarding the Covid-19 challenges here.

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