Crescent Kashmir


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On the first anniversary of being a separate Union Territory directly under the central command, people of Kargil want to be the part of Kashmir rather than to be the part of new UT.

Kargil Congress and National Conference leaders have not only demanded that the statehood of Jammu and Kashmir but they want to be the part of erstwhile J&K State as they were before the abrogation.

People of Kargil have a lot of fears that they would be dominated by the Buddhist of Leh with the help of BJP central leadership.

People of Kargil have twin uncertainties on one hand they fear discrimination at the hands of Buddhists of Leh and on the other hand they feel shrinking job opportunities.

The youth of Kargil recently told some New Delhi based media organizations that they want to be part of J&K State as and when statehood is restored. People of Kargil (majority of them) want to be a part of Kashmir

But recently students in the entire UT of Ladakh made a united action forum known as Ladakh Students Educational and Environmental Action Forum which gave call of shutdown recently against them being excluded from the recruitment process of J&K Bank.

“All youth of UT of Ladakh including in Kargil have yet to get any benefit from the Centre after being declared as a separate UT. In Kargil recently for shutdown and protests they were able to get support of all people including religious and political organizations.

The simmering anger in Kargil can come to boil as they have shrinking job opportunities with no tourism this year.

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