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Why are leaders under PSA if no one sheds a tear for them: PDP asks Chief Secretary

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday lashed out at Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam, terming his recent remarks uncalled for and utterly flagitious.

In a statement issued here, PDP spokesman said that the Chief Secretary has come here with a colonial mindset and being the chief executioner of RSS in Kashmir. He said that it was ironical that he is finding fault with the entire population of Jammu and Kashmir while running the most corrupt administration that the state has ever witnessed.

According to the PDP spokesman, the Chief Secretary is heading a cabal of officers who are affiliated with RSS and are enforcing their agenda in Kashmir. He said that IAS has never stooped to this low.

“CS should first explain to the people what happened to the multi-crore health insurance scam affecting five lakh government employees in Jammu and Kashmir? Who was responsible for taking that scam to the administrative council? And why was that all of a sudden scrapped and what action has been taken against the involved officers? What has happened to the Chinab valley power corporation scams and why were those first approved and later canceled? Who were the officers involved?” said the spokesman.

He added that BJP and its chosen bureaucrats in Kashmir are not only heaping insults, humiliation, and atrocities on the people of Jammu and Kashmir but they are also misleading and exploiting the so-called nationalist sentiments in rest of the country. “They are trying to appease the fundamentalist Hindu sentiments and creating an atmosphere in the people of the state especially against its Muslim populace. CS is representing a culture and ethos that have produced the biggest dacoits and looters of national wealth- be it the people who looted the banks or making money out of COVID and have amassed wealth amounting to thousands of crores. Banks in the country have crumbled because of the crony capitalism promoted by the RSS government which the Chief Secretary represents in Kashmir. They have left no institution without corruption,” said the spokesman.

He added that on the other hand, they are yet to establish a single case against any politician in Jammu and Kashmir,” the PDP spokesman said.

PDP spokesman maintained further that BJP has been in power in Jammu and Kashmir for two years and apart from mudslinging and name-calling, the party has not been able to do anything specific against anybody. It is unfortunate that they have now started to target the Muslim officers in the state administration in a focussed manner and are hounding them. CS is trying to establish the norms of other states where Chief Ministers and union ministers are in the jails and where they have been found involved in all kinds of scams from corruption to rape. Kashmir in comparison is an island of distinction. He doesn’t understand under what circumstances Kashmiri politicians and civil servants have served the interests of this state and brought it above the level of many so-called advanced states like Gujarat,” said the spokesman.

Strongly castigating crude and uncouth remarks of CS, PDP spokesperson added that through such utterances on issues beyond his remit the said public servant is “merely hiding his incompetence and shrugging of accountability for his mandated work,”

” Why are our leaders still incarcerated? Why are civil liberties of the entire population suspended? Why and how are our mineral resources looted? Why has administration miserably failed in its response to COVID 19? Where is the promised development? Why has no action been taken on the reports of an unprecedented level of corruption prevalent in the system and who is benefitting from the Ponzi scheme,” spokesperson questioned.

“His only fame to glory is establishing a culture of impunity, polarised administration, systematic sidelining of local officers, fragmenting of bureaucracy on feudal lines and perpetuating the quid pro quo culture of rewarding incompetence,” spokesperson said while reminding him of gross abuse of civil service rules.

He added that this is the part of the RSS campaign to destroy the identity of Kashmir and they are now attributing criminal charges on almost everybody in Kashmir in the name of terrorism, separatism, and in the name of corruption. (KNS)

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