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Administration has decided to extend lockdown for another week in Srinagar giving rising cases of Covid-19 as a reason. Government has been very prompt in clampdowns and lockdowns but has failed to handle restoration in normalcy in Kashmir so far.

Earlier the same administration in an apparent push for Amarnath yatra decided to open all gardens and parks, lifting restrictions. When the central government rightly decided not to hold a yatra in the growing pandemic, immediately the administration decided to go another lockdown without giving sufficient reasons to the same.

In such a situation another lockdown is not a surprise for the people of Srinagar. They have in their memories, the jittery action of Srinagar administration imposing lockdown, closing educational institutions much before the national lockdown when one case was detected from the locality of Khanyar of Srinagar.

Instead of fixing the responsibility for the negligence of this first case in Srinagar, the government imposed lockdown on common people. It is still in the minds of people how a senior police officer of Srinagar had managed to bring out his mother in law at Srinagar airport without adhering the norms and SOP’s of government, subsequently she tested positive.

In such a situation people of Srinagar have no surprises left for them from the government. Extension of lockdowns is a routine and covid-19 is the best cover for the security establishment to keep people indoors before the functions of August 15.

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