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Government has decided to test the waters in Jammu and Kashmir post the abrogation of article 370, for the access to the high speed internet poorly on a trial basis that too only in one district of Kashmir and one district of Jammu to have another assessment of the situation.

Though the Supreme Court described this decision of the government as  “this is a fairly a good start”, but the people of Jammu and Kashmir want complete lifting of curbs on 4G services without any further delay as it has been more than a year that the government put curbs on high speed internet in Jammu and Kashmir.

The bench also observed that it hoped the situation would improve and the access could later be expanded.

The Centre submitted that the special committee held its meeting on August 10, and explored multiple options in the backdrop of security situation in the union territory. They recommended opening up 4G in specified areas of low intensity terrorist activities, not on international border even on a trial basis.

Outgoing LG GC Murmu has brought the curtains down on the claims of the government that due to the security scenario they were not lifting the curbs on the high speed internet. Murmu told in an interview that whether it is 2G or 4G in Kashmir valley Pakistan will continue its trouble making efforts and it makes no difference on ground.

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