Crescent Kashmir


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Jammu and Kashmir especially the valley has seen a spike in the Covid-19 cases despite the fact that the government has imposed strict lockdown and fined and jailed hundreds of violators in Srinagar and other parts.

What has gone wrong? Has the administration failed to go for rapid testing and instead of combating the crisis they have created more mess by going for lockdown and keeping the chunks of population under barbed wires which were declared as red zones.

Has the government procured enough ventilators and oxygen cylinders to combat the crises? Do we have enough medicines and other equipment available to treat Covid patients in the hospitals has the government ordered any probed into the deaths due to the pure negligence of authorities failing to perform their duties.

The handling of Covid lockdown has come under scrutiny both in the media and in the office of new LG, media reports recently suggested. Reports said that LG has asked the administration to ease restrictions. Similarly he has directed the health and medical education wing of his administration to procure ventilators and also establish oxygen plants in most of the hospitals as the media reports have circulated that dozens of people have died for not getting the oxygen supply in their wards while being hospitalized in Srinagar.

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