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CUK students demand online examination in view of Covid 19 pandemic

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In Kashmir, it is important to safeguard the principles of health, safety, fair and equal opportunity for students. At the same time, it is very crucial to ensure academic credibility, career opportunities and future progress of students.
However, the academic interest of few students or the future progress of students as claimed by Central University of Kashmir cannot outweigh the right to health and right to life of a larger section of students. Also, there is a sheer violation of fundamental right of equality of those students, who are unable to appear in these examinations, due to covid-19 crisis, as compared to those students, who are duly appearing in these exams.
According to statement issued to KNS reads, the Central University of Kashmir issued a date-sheet implemented from 25th August 2020 for Backlog courses (now they started to frame the date-sheet of final year semesters as well as intermediate semesters) for which University Administration has established examination centres in almost every District and unfortunate is that the District administration of Baramulla imposed a sudden strict lockdown in the whole district which will continue in every part of Kashmir as cases are rising, due to which lot of students missed their paper and it will also continue. In the other districts either parents are not allowing or students are quarantined therefore, missed their papers and it will continue if the said University can’t change their decision of conducting examination in offline mode. However, we the students are ready for the examination in online mode no matter the pattern may be but must reasonable and rational. In normal circumstances we the students are not against the exams, but where are the normal circumstances. Who will decide that there is are normal circumstances for exams? Who will take the responsibility of the lives of students and their close contacts? We the students of Central University of Kashmir are shocked and surprised that when exams couldn’t be held in April-May with 100’s of covid-19 cases, how can they be held now with around 35k of cases? We also are shocked that when University started to frame date-sheet in an offline mode why they have not consulted any health expert? We should remember the pandemic is only increasing in intensity. We urge the respective authorities to look into the matter, as University cannot by itself distinguish the students whom are having backlogs and whom are not, the lives of the students are in equal footing as students are the homogenous class. Almost every student live with their families. With their grandparents and their parents. The students might not show symptoms, but they will come in contact with their families. We the students have to travel in public transport, therefore, cannot follow completely the SOP;s. please have some concern for us. All the Civil Societies of Kashmir like parents Associations of Kashmir as well as the student federations of Kashmir shows grief over the decision of Central University of Kashmir. We are pleading that there is no question of imposing offline mode of examination if you value right to life and right to health. Also, the most important aspect is that when there is disaster going on where University have elevated the right to life and health, we cannot have a authority coming in and saying that they will dilute the restriction and also gives you a written guarantee that you will not be infected. The university need to confer with the local authorities, health experts, and epidemiologists before taking a call, if it was not possible then why they moved ahead? We are petitioning the respective authorities of the University as well as the administration of J and K UT, that the emergency of these situations demands empathetic and quick response in order to keep the moral, ethical and legal values at the highest level. Our only concern now is that, if University want to conduct the examination of Backlog courses, final year students or any other semester, they must conduct then through online mode keeping in the view the restricted speed and feasibility of internet. If they can’t then no need to go ahead. (KNS)

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