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PDF for an aggressive democratic struggle to seek restoration of pre August 5 and pre- 1953 position to JK

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Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) on Saturday resolved to provide it’s unequivocal support to any move that was aimed at restoring the special position of Jammu and Kashmir pre- August 5 and 1953 .
According to statement issued to KNS reads, Resolution to this effect was unanimously adopted at the political affairs committee ( PAC) of PDF held on Saturday to discuss prevailing socio-political scenario in jammu and kashmir and to evolve an appropriate response and future strategy to meet the emerging political situation.
The meeting was Presided by Chairman, PDF, Hakeem Yaseen. The meeting resolved that PDF will continue its struggle to get back all the constitutional rights and guarantees of the people of Jammu and kashmir which were taken away illegally from time especially post August 5 last year . The meeting resolved that whosoever will work for bringing special position of jammu and kashmir especially Article 370 and 35(A) back will get it’s unconditional support. The meeting observed that special position particularly Article 370 & 35(A) was given to the people of the state by Constitution but the way these constitutional guarantees were usurped under well planned conspiracies for getting political milega , it has left the people in total disarray . The people of jammu and kashmir feel that thier unique identify, honour and future has been lost for ever which has resulted into an alarming level of alienation , wherefrom a comeback seems to be a remote possibility.
The PAC observed that though PDF was not part of Gupkar Declaration earlier but in view of emerging consensus for a joint strategy to seek restoration of special position of the state, it was ready to extended its support to any such move based on sincerity of purpose. He said it was crystal clear that people of jammu and kashmir want thier lost identify and special status get back at all costs , that has been gaurantees to them under the Constitution of india at the time of accession of jammu and kashmir with the india union adding that onus lies on mainstream political parties to come up to thier expectations and aspirations.
PAC urged the Central leadership to honour and respect the aspirations and sentiments of the people of jammu and kashmir about protection to thier unique identity , by rising above vested political consideration , so as to overcome the simmering political disengagement and disenchantment prevalent among the people. The meeting observed that the political disenchament and alienation among the people of Jammu and Kashmir has reached to a saturation level and they have virtually lost trust with the institution of governance and political process, which needs to be addressed immediately, in the overall interests of the Nation . In addition , restoration of a meaningful political process and establishment of a democratically elected civilian government was utmost need of the hour as the people are badly suffering to get thier day to day problems addressed, due to a wide disconnect with the beurucracy. So the Center should, without waiting any more, fulfill its promises made to the people of the state from time to time about restoration of their constitutional rights and gaurantees .
The PAC also observed that constitutional changes effected by the Central government unilaterally in August last year has not only stripped Jammu & Kashmir of its special status and identity but also snatched exclusive rights of its permanent residents over jobs and thier domicile rights . It was observed that despite passing of one year of scrapping of Art. 370 , the things have worsened to an alarming level and no development has taken place on ground as was promised by the center at that time to justify their move . On the other hand, people are full of anger and hatred against union of India. So Center should forget about its plans to change demography of the state through undemocratic means , the meeting maintained.
PAC of PDP has viewed with deep concern economic distress confronting people of jammu and kashmir due to government clampdown post August 5 last year and now due to continued coronavirus lock down since March this year. It has made a fervent appeal to Center to announce a special economic package for the worst affected tourism, fruit and transport industies of jammu and kashmir as an international relief measure to to bail out them out of the economic distress . It demanded to waive off kisaan credit card loans of farmers and interest waiver scheme for hoteliers, sumo and Matador owners and fruit traders.
It was noted that tourism sector alone in jammu and kashmir has suffered clossal losses to the tune of Rs 1168 Cr since last year. According to an official report by the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI), the Kashmir economy lost over Rs 18,000 crore in the 120 days after August 5, 2019. This, added to estimated losses of another Rs 13,200 crore during the 49 days of the COVID-19 lockdown till May 12, brought the cumulative loss to J&K’s economy to a staggering Rs 31,200 crore or around 17% of JK’s GSDP. The repercussions have been devastating. Businesses have suffered huge income losses resulting in widespread bank defaults, rampant job cuts and foreclosures.
The meeting enjoined upon the Center to release all political detenues lodged in various jails of the country including former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to facilitate a fresh political process in the troubled state.
The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair, the statement said (KNS)

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