Crescent Kashmir


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Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha after meeting a lot of public delegations including media and business community has realized that Jammu and Kashmir has the biggest challenge of how to make the administration accountable along with police.

He received a lot of complaints that the bureaucrats in civil secretariat and officials on ground were not easily available to people, the Union Territory government recently launched an online grievance redress system Jammu and Kashmir Integrated Grievance Redressal System (J&K IGRAMS).

According to the new mechanism made by the new LG people can file complaints and get updates about the status of their complaints round the clock. This is the first time that people of Jammu and Kashmir will get feedback about their complaints.

Most of the people have lost trust on the government especially on the police as the common people refrain from going to police stations with complaints. In some cases, when the common people finally were forced by the circumstances to reach the police stations they did not get any response and in some cases even counter FIR’s were filed as such stories were reported in the local media.

People of Jammu and Kashmir are watching the steps being taken by the LG Sinha to restore confidence and to show to the people that the administration along with police was only for their help and to redress their grievances.

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