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Financial package is to hoodwink biz community: CCIK

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The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industries-Kashmir (CCIK) said that the government is just “hoodwinking” people by announcing the package.
CCIK, in a statement, said the “package for business revival and growth” announced by the Lt.Governor should be an “eye opener” to the business community who are being conveniently “befooled” by the government.
It said the package of doles and alms has been announced with great fanfare with the expectation of celebration by the community.
“Time and again, we have sought compensation for our business losses inflicted on us from the recent past and continue to do so. This takes CCIK back to the happenings those took place on August 5, 2019 and continues to be so without any let.”
CCIK said their members continue to ask some pertinent questions.
“Did we issue the Govt. order No.881 of 2019 dated 2-8-2019 which was put into motion on 5-8-2019. “Did we snap the internet?. Did we unleash Govt. and semi Govt. agencies after the members of the business community for harassing them? Did we, by ourselves, send the Power Department after us to collect their imaginary inflated fees? Did our Loan Accounts turn into NPAs by our own doing? 6) Did we ask the recovery agencies to disrespect us in full public view? 7) Did we borrow the money to fall into the unending quagmire of debt trap? 8) Did we, own our own, let loose hell on our tourism, horticulture, handicrafts, general trade and agriculture sectors?
The members of the CCIK are searching for answers and pose another one over here, “why and how are we to be blamed and be on the receiving end all the times”.
CCIK said it feels that the Covid 19 has come as a handy tool for blaming everything on it.
“The Govt. agencies are taking cover of Covid to blame the populace for their own failures.”
CCIK further said many trade organizations had come up with the business losses to each sector of the economy and had enumerated the quantum of losses in absolute figures.
“But, in return, we have been offered alms in the name of a package for “business revival and growth”. May we ask- are we beggars? It is essential to mention here that some of us inadvertently even welcomed this package having hardly known the details and impact thereof.
The simple solution is compensation of the business losses from 5-8-2019 onwards, not doles and alms.”
It urged the Government to see the reason and act wisely in a manner which will be befitting in these times of crisis. “After all compensation of losses is guaranteed to us.”


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