Crescent Kashmir

Protests in Srinagar

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Recently a woman was killed in Batmaloo during a cordon and search operation triggering a lot of protests and demand for a probe into the incident.

The family members of the deceased woman including her son who was accompanying her when she was fired told the media that she was killed in cold blood.

However police said that she was killed in cross fire but the perception in the family and the residents of locality is that she was killed after the encounter.

This incident has broken the lull in Srinagar area of Batmaloo as massive protests were held by the locals including women forcing the police to use tear smoke and batons to disperse them.

Government has reportedly ordered a magisterial probe into the killing of women and into the entire gunfight after many eye witnesses on social media refuted the official claims about the killing of the woman. Officials have yet to confirm if they have ordered any probe into the incident while as DGP recently told the media that the killing of the woman at Batmaloo during a cordon and search operation was unfortunate.

His utterances about the killing of the woman has very few takers in the Batamaloo area as the residents have demanded a time bound probe so that the family of the deceased family will get justice.

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