Crescent Kashmir


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Government has many times said that they are providing the required security cover to all those political activists who have a threat on the ground. But some of the killings in the recent past have exposed such claims of the government and have shown that the ground workers are still vulnerable and rest are only the claims of the officials.

Iltija Mufti in an earlier tweet said, “GOI by intentionally discrediting, humiliating & enfeebling the mainstream has left them in a vulnerable position. How many more lives will it take for them to realize that their policies towards J&K have backfired.”

Former chief minister and National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah tweeted on recent killings and expressed his concern over the growing killings of political activists and lawyers like Baber.

Apni Party president Altaf Bukhari in a series of tweets expressed concern over such killings and asked for thorough review of security cover of political activists in J&K, Bukhari urged the union home minister to intervene and pass on some concrete orders in this regard.

In the recent past many political activists especially affiliated with BJP were killed in Kashmir triggering fear among such activists and many of them resigned from BJP after such attacks.

Government admits that it is impossible for them to provide security cover to thousands of political activists on the ground and said that basically they were trying to create a ground free of threat for them to have their political activities.

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