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Jammu in focus

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From the media to politicians, everyone is blaming the government for the negligence deaths of covid patients especially due to the disruption of oxygen supply.

One of the senior journalists from Jammu told the media that he has shifted his close relative to Punjab as he had fears that he would die due to the lack of oxygen supply in Jammu hospital.

National Conference (NC) Jammu in-charge Davinder Singh Rana said that the healthcare infrastructure in Jammu has collapsed. “Healthcare system has crumbled. There have been instances of deaths due to lack of oxygen, disruption in oxygen supply and inoperative ventilators which have led to chaos and confusion,” Rana told the media in Jammu.

Problems in Jammu due to the scare of negligence deaths have increased for the patients as many of them cannot afford the critical care ambulance services which are reportedly charging Rs. 50,000 for shifting patients from Jammu to other places.

Recently two sisters Maryam Sheikh and Zareena Shiekh of Kishtwar died in an accident on the Srinagar-Jammu highway when the ambulance they were in overturned both of them who were covid positive patients and were trying to come to the Jammu hospital.

Such deaths have added to the fear among the common people in Jammu region and the administration despite their latest efforts to set right the system have failed so far.

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