Crescent Kashmir

Administrative reforms

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Administrative reforms are long overdue in Jammu and Kashmir as police and administration have enjoyed immunity from any accountability due to the fluid situation prevailing here.

No government has even touched this sphere in Kashmir because they think that without the support of administration and police they cannot hold on to their chair.

Recently Lieutenant Governor after his cool analysis of Jammu and Kashmir administration has decided to walk an extra mile to meet those families who have suffered by gun and assured the people that they will get justice at any cost.

He is monitoring all the complaints from Raj Bhawan and has decided to act tough against the officers who would be found lax in the public delivery system.

Although people now have various avenues available to lodge complaints against the officials, the system is so rotten that the common people want to get their things done in the old fashion rather than going for complaints.

The basic reasons for not lodging the complaints has its roots in the past as most of the people who have dared to challenge the lax administration and police have suffered more and the system has always won.

In such circumstances the bold decision taken by Lieutenant Governor will be watched by the people of Jammu and Kashmir and unless he will not fix the responsibility and take action against bureaucracy at the top, common people will not dare to complain against them.

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