Crescent Kashmir

BJP reacts

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BJP has been very sharp in its criticism against the formation of a recent political alliance in Kashmir for the restoration of article 370. From the central leadership of BJP to the JK President Ravinder Raina every one of them has described the move as anti-national.

Even the Union Ministers of BJP including Union Home Minister have asked Congress to come clean on their stand regarding article 370 and one of them has asked the Congress to keep this in the election manifesto of Bihar.

Reacting to this new alliance BJP has already said that it is an anti-national agenda and has warned the leaders of this alliance of serious repercussions if they will breach peace in Kashmir.

Rattled by the unity of mainstream political leaders in Kashmir, BJP J&K chief Ravinder Raina termed the Gupkar Declaration as “anti-national” and “Pakistan sponsored” agenda.

Warning them of consequences he said, “BJP wants to make it clear here anyone whosoever will try to create disorder won’t be left unpunished”.

After the formation of alliance, BJP said that Kashmiri leadership will have to wait for doomsday for the restoration of article 370 and said that this special status is done and dusted once for all.

BJP has made it clear that they will not reverse the clock and will not even think about restoration of article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir even as the entire mainstream political leadership of Kashmir has decided to give a united response to such moves of the central government.

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