Crescent Kashmir


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The remarks of Mehbooba Mufti about tricolor and the reaction from the BJP leadership has shown that there would be a bitter struggle between the Kashmir mainstream and BJP in the coming months.

As the Gupkar declaration has taken a formal shape and even the flag has been decided for this political combine, BJP is also trying to fight it out on the streets bringing out rallies in both Jammu and Srinagar.

Apart from Union Minister from Jammu Dr. Jitendra Singh even the Congress spokesman from Jammu said that the remarks of Mehbooba Mufti were intolerable. Jitendra Singh said that the so-called mainstream politicians of Kashmir sometimes tend to be more dangerous than separatists.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently in a Bihar campaign rally said that those who are talking about restoration of article 370 were part of the outside forces out to weaken the country. Mehbooba in the press conference said that BJP has nothing to sell before the voters of Bihar expect article 370 and other communal issues. Ravinder Raina even warned Mehbooba Mufti not to breach peace and said that she will have to face consequences for it.

Mehbooba Mufti has evoked angry reaction from BJP because she said that they will not only fight for the restoration of article 370 but also for the final resolution of Kashmir dispute. Mehbooba Mufti said, “Thousands of people have given sacrifices for Kashmir issue and it is now the turn of leaders to give their sacrifices. I am ready to shed every drop of my blood in this direction and those people who think we will not fight back are living in a dream world”.

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