Crescent Kashmir

Growing distance

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With each passing day, Jammu is developing more problems on the ground and there is a lot of pressure on the society of Jammu on the youth, as they feel frustrated by the continued stillness in life. Life has been not picking up from the past 15 months in entire Jammu and Kashmir and Jammu has been impacted for the first time in such a manner by any clampdown and lockdown of the government.

Jammu youth were expecting a massive recruitment drive for them as they presumed that article 370 has been done and dusted by the central government only for them to give them what they have not achieved when the government used to be Kashmir centric.

Not only youth but the business community of Jammu suffered heavy reverses post August 5, 2019 including tourism industry. They were expecting some financial intervention over and above what the government has announced for the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

People of Jammu have expressed their sentiments before the media about the treatment being given to them by the BJP government at the centre and when it is translated it means that they are saying Modi is punishing them for being nationalists.

People of Jammu have now protested against the new land laws as they feel that Jammu province is more vulnerable to the sale of land then Kashmir valley and expect a lot of big players to come and take their land. Whether it is a perception or reality, in Jammu region there are lot of fears about the intentions of BJP government and the support they provided to the central government post abrogation of article 370 is evaporating.

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