Crescent Kashmir

Gaining momentum

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People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration has been able to galvanize their activists both in Jammu and Kargil and have decided to come on the streets peacefully to fight back with the central government.

With symbol of erstwhile J&K State flag, People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration has started sending delegations and bringing protests in all parts of erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir not only to show their presence but also to show to the New Delhi that it is not over and the fight will go on.

The alliance has realized that it is a long drawn battle to be fought with a cool head and with all peaceful means. For this purpose they are trying to first separate two things which are dangerously mixing in the rest of the country. It was cleared by none other than Dr. Farooq Abdullah who is heading the alliance.

Soon after he was declared as president he told the media that there is no doubt that this alliance is anti-BJP but it is not anti-national. When NC activists brought out a protest rally in Jammu recently after a long time, they said that to fight for their rights for their land and for the future of their youth is not anti-national.

In the recent past even PDP held protest demonstration not only in Srinagar but also in Jammu to make this point clear that they are very much within the ambit of constitution to fight for their rights which according to them have been snatched by illegally and unconstitutionally  by government of India.

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