Crescent Kashmir

Protests profound

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From Srinagar to Jammu and from Leh to Kargil, people are shocked by the latest amendments to the land laws of erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir by Union Home Ministry enabling any outsider to buy land in Jammu and Kashmir without any hassles. Though Ladakh has been exempted from this law so far but the leadership of Leh is waiting for the Union Home Ministry to fulfill its promise to give them a special law equivalent to article 370 for the protection of their land and jobs.

Though JK administration reacted to the recent political statements by the JK leadership saying that BJP has kept JK for sale, but on the ground common people have still fears that there land was not safe now and any big tycoon can come and purchase of his choice.

In such a situation though a senior bureaucrat clarified that 90% of the land in Jammu and Kashmir cannot be purchased by the outsider, but the political leadership of Jammu and Kashmir has rejected such claims by the administration.

Though Ladakh has been exempted but the people of this hilly region are extremely worried as they feel that they have very less population and if the outsiders start settling, they would be in the minority and it would be the huge challenge for them to preserve their distinct identity.

Jammu is showing its anger on the streets and Kashmiri leadership has already said that they will not accept this latest amendment to the land laws and will give a political fight through peaceful means against such designs of the BJP government.

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