Crescent Kashmir


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Jammu has become the epicenter of political activists as the Darbar has moved from Kashmir to this winter capital. PAGD held its meeting in Jammu apart from separate meetings of the party workers by both PDP and National Conference sending a message to Jammu BJP leadership that they are going to fight back not only their political agenda but also in the coming DDC and panchayat elections.

Mehbooba Mufti recently in Jammu said with a pointed remark to BJP workers in Jammu that those people who are supporting the BJP government will repent tomorrow.   She said that it was a collective fight of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to safeguard their land and jobs and they should not fall prey to any propaganda of BJP.

Attacking BJP she said that they have reduced democracy on papers alone as they are silencing people of Jammu and Kashmir by brute force. She said that the ultimate source of power is the people of Jammu and Kashmir and you cannot take decisions without taking them into confidence.

She said that any person or organization being anti-BJP does not mean that it is anti-national. She appealed to the people of Jammu to wake from the slumber and fight for the rights snatched by New Delhi illegally and unconstitutionally.

Attacking BJP leadership at the centre, Mehbooba claimed that instead of keeping additional forces to silence every voice of sanity in Kashmir, the strength and the troops should be used in Ladakh. She was quoted as saying, “Beijing captured 1000 sq ft area of Indian land and killed 20 jawans, but they can’t even say a word against China.

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