Crescent Kashmir

No respite

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People of Kashmir Valley are suffering after the recent rate fixing by the administration for the wholesale and retail meat selling and buying. In this war between the meat sellers and government, common people are suffering as these meat shops have started selling at higher rates not on the shops, but in their homes during morning hours.

Common people wonder what kind of intervention has been from the local administration, as now they are forced to by meat at the rate of Rs. 600/- per kg. Administration and police only acted against few butchers in Srinagar city and arrested them. Now all the meat shops are closed and most of them are selling meat at higher rates in their homes.

With administration busy in coming DDC and bye-polls of ULB and Panchayats, common people in Srinagar and other towns of Kashmir have been left to the whims and fancies of shopkeepers and even the vegetable sellers have been changing the rate lists according to their own will.

Fresh vegetables, meat, chicken and other items for the common people are being sold in the markets of Srinagar at the choice rates of the shopkeepers and the wholesalers. Most of the people have been telling the administration to take action against the wholesalers to control the prices, but unfortunately whenever they take action, they only book small shopkeepers and it does not make any sense.

In such circumstances, common people have nowhere to go with their complaints and they have to bear the prices of all the essential commodities as being fixed by the wholesalers.

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