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BJP Claims On Development A Crude Joke, Smokescreen For Its Failures: NC

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SRINAGAR: National Conference on Monday asserted that despite running a high-pitch electoral battle in Kashmir, the sidelined and internally displaced lot of BJP campaigners have failed to impress the electorate in the ongoing DDC elections.

In a statement, NC Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said that the internally displaced leaders of  BJP are resorting to mistruth mongering and fabrication of facts in order to get coveted positions in the central cabinet. “The self-anointed strategists of BJP who have landed in Kashmir are the last persons to comment on the political aspirations and aspiration of the people of Kashmir as they themselves failed to pick up the mood of people in their respective constituencies in Bihar and elsewhere in the country, where their political careers have been extinguished by the voters.  Having been sidelined in the party, these people are leaving no stone unturned to vent their frustration in a bid to increase their political prospects back home,”  he said.

Imran said that BJP has mastered the art of spreading lies. “Ever since BJP came to power it has been using institutions to further its own interests rather than that of the nation subverting all established constitutional norms and ethics. The last-minute change of polling booths in the ongoing DDC elections, denying level playing field to contesting candidates, according to selective security to them and undue administrative intervention in the Mayoral elections are few cases in point that justify how brazenly averse BJP is towards democracy,” he said.

He said the hyper campaigning of BJP leadership and cabinet ministers reveals the shakeup the BJP is undergoing on account of the support PAGD is receiving from different quarters. Unlike other parts of the country, BJP cannot get away with lies here. “It goes without saying that the false propaganda is only meant to help BJP sail through the DDC elections and escape the wrath of people whom they have failed on all accounts. The malicious propaganda is short-lived and will die out on its own once the DDC elections are over. The frustration BJP rank and file is suffering from is well understandable in wake of the imminent drubbing it is anticipating in the forthcoming DDC election in J&K, “he said.

He said a fact check and misdirection of the BJP led Government speaks for itself, “All the claims of BJP have demonstrably been debunked by ground reports and figures of various national agencies like Niti Ayog.  BJP is lying profusely, lying globally, and lying nationally as well.  A large number of these lies seemed to justify the abject failure of the BJP government to rise up to the expectations of people, ignoring the measurable loss of life due to COVID-19 and the suffering inflicted on India’s poorest on account of a crumbling economy and rapidly increasing employment.   The Lying Spree of the BJP is also reflective of its failure to answer the burning questions,” he said.


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