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Srinagar gets new mayor

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Though PAGD questioned the timing of the elections for the Srinagar mayor, authorities did not pay any attention to the valid questions asked by one of the PAGD leaders Omar Abdullah and got the elections done.

The result of the elections has been predicted that former mayor Junaid Muttu got elected with the support of BJP and Congress while as usual PAGD councilors protested and said that elections was a farce and it was a selection and not election.

Amid this political din, Srinagar city got a new mayor and in the past few months there has been huge neglect to the hygiene and to the development of Srinagar city especially after the promise of the central government that it would be a smart city.

People of Srinagar city have a lot of problems to face and they need immediate attention of SMC for the redressal of their grievances. In this severe winter, they need clean governance and not only the politics in the name of governance.

New mayor, instead of giving hope to the people of Srinagar that he has an agenda to implement to make the city one of the clean and smart cities, he immediately joined JK Apni Party and did not spell out his vision for the Srinagar city to bring it out from the present mess.

People of Srinagar city are tired to witness only politics in the name of keeping them in loop for all the development within the city limits. It is the duty and responsibility of the new mayor to rise above politics and provide a clean and transparent administration in SMC so that people of Srinagar city get a sigh of relief.

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