Crescent Kashmir

Political chess

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On the political landscape of Jammu and Kashmir BJP is playing its own games in order to gather support not only here but also for the coming elections of Bengal.

They want to give an impression that they have decided to make Jammu and Kashmir a part of the country without any questions and ifs. In this direction they have been telling the voters everywhere that it is only the BJP which showed courage to abrogate article 370.

As this is the first political activity post abrogation of article 370, BJP is not only having it easy, but is also going tooth and nail into its campaign knowing very well that the DDC election is a verdict on the Narendra Modi government following its Article 370 decision. The BJP wants to win this election at all costs.

PAGD has really upset the chess game which was being played by BJP along with its cohorts like JK Apni Party to win these elections. The decision of PAGD to participate in these elections has surprised the central leadership of BJP and they want to win them in order to tell their voters across the country that people of Jammu and Kashmir were happy with the decisions taken by the central government on August 5, 2019.
As the elections would be held in eight phases, BJP is finding it very tough to make any visible inroads in Kashmir valley. As the PAGD has been able to garner support for their candidates and have been giving statements which have definitely given them an apparent edge in Kashmir.

But BJP claims that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are in their favor and they are fed up with the exploitation of dynasties in the past seventy years.

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