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Roshni Scheme

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After the recent campaign by BJP against the Roshni Scheme that it is one of the biggest land scandals, Jammu BJP under the garb of Roshni Scheme has started targeting the Muslims and have claimed that it was a “land Jihad” in Jammu to change the demography.

This campaign against the Muslim majority localities in Jammu has forced the citizens of Muslims to hold a press conference recently in which they blamed the Hindu right wing elements of spreading lies in the name of Roshni scandal and endangering their lives.

Speaking in a press conference, the speakers, including Gujjar leaders, lawyers and former bureaucrats, said a vicious propaganda has been launched that Muslims are changing the demography of Jammu. They said a particular political party takes out protests in the areas where Muslims are in some majority like Sidhra, Sunjwa and Bathindi. They sought the attention of Lt Governor’s administration towards insecurity being faced by the minorities in Jammu.

The BJP youth wing has taken out several protests in these areas for the past one month and the administration is allowing them raise provocative slogans against the Muslims and the silence of the administration and police of holding such protests only in Muslim majority localities is a worry some situation building up in the areas.

In the press conference Muslim intellectuals claimed that there are selective leaks in case of the Roshni Act. Some elements have started playing communal politics over the judgment of the J&K High Court on the Roshni land case and have started vitiating the atmosphere in Jammu.

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