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Palhallan Town of North Kashmir’s Baramulla is famous for Onion Seeds

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Abdul Samad Dar, a small-time farmer is habitual of kitchen gardening. Every year I sell a large number of onions to local shopkeepers of my region. I am dependent on home gardening since I have no work.

Dar is a resident of Naidkhai village of Bandipora. ” The secret behind producing large scale of onions is,” I every year visit Palhallan town to purchase onion seeds which with the grace of God gave rise to my onion productivity”.

”Besides keeping some amount for my domestic use. I earn a handsome amount from selling the Onion’s”, dar says to this reporter.

“Besides we attain handsome productivity of onions they are also flavorful in taste,” Says wife of Dar, Fatima, with a smile.

Like Dar farmer’s every year visit the Palhallan village of North Kashmir Baramulla District , Known for productive Onion saplings across Kashmir to get onion seeds to their homes, especially in winters.

Onion the Territorial seed is a vegetable that is most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium. Onions are cultivated and used around the world as a food item.

Most Of The population of the village grows onion seeds in the ending days of August, & the harvesting time remains in November December, & eventually offer their hard laboured harvest for sale, to street vendors on the national highway.

This reporter while on a reporting trip to the area came across tens of street shopkeepers selling onion’ saplings, with farmers, men and women buying them.

We offer a stock of Onion seeds every year, Every Family grows an average of 3 canals & then sell it to local refineries in November December said Altaf Ahmed Bhat (a cultivator). This, more than anything, is the main source of our basic income he adds.

However, Winter is setting in and there is a sharp chill in the air, But Early in the morning people (onion cultivators) can be seen
hovering at the highway sides to sell the onion seeds.

It Needs suitably fertilized land, proper water and chemicals on proper time to get a productive saplings said a cultivator, Suhail Ahmad Sofi.

“We cultivate the onion seeds since 2000. We make a good profit from it, and all family members work to grow best seeds” said the head of a cultivators family.

‌From every corner of District Baramulla and other adjoining areas, people wish to buy Palhallanian onion seeds, which are highly acclaimed and no doubt unique in itself, for the seeds ensures the farmers a good harvest(KNS).

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