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Undoing the damage

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JK high court in the recent past has given a number of directions to the Jammu and Kashmir administration especially about the illegal constructions to be removed.

In this direction JK high court has asked the government to clear Sonamarg from illegal constructions and submit compliance report positively by January 15 2021.

Earlier also JK High Court has expressed serious concern over, “environmental degradation because of apathy on the part of stakeholders” and had asked the administration to remove the illegal constructions as soon as possible and described all these constructions as said, “large scale unauthorized constructions in Sonamarg”.

Cautioning the administration not to give permission for the constructions under the garb of renovation/repairs, in previous direction JK High Court has told them not to allow such constructions in the ecologically fragile Sonamarg and also the two banks of river Sindh which passes from Sonamarg to Ganderbal.

Asking the administration to stop these constructions forthwith, JK High Court observed, “Under the shield of the permission so obtained, large scale unauthorized constructions, expansions and encroachments are being affected. Most of these are being sought and carried out by persons who have no right in the lands at all”.

“It is absolutely imperative to check this illegal activity as the unauthorized construction in this eco-fragile area is irreversibly damaging the environment. The damage is such that it cannot be compensated monetarily. Not only will the present populace, but the generations to come have to pay the price for environmental degradation” the latest court order further said.

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