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Freedom of speech

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Freedom of speech and expression has been under intense debate in Jammu and Kashmir as the PAGD leadership has been constantly accusing the administration of not allowing them to campaign freely for their candidates while as BJP and their “B” team was having the field day in Jammu and Kashmir to campaign.

Raising these questions again, Mehbooba Mufti, on twitter claimed that for the third time in less than a fortnight she has been detained in her residence and not allowed to go to the different villages for campaigning.

Taking to twitter she not only questioned her detention over the security reasons saying that in the same Kashmir valley BJP ministers were moving freely with security cover to campaign in the current DDC elections.

She raised a question that if there are security reasons why not for the central ministers and only for her and PAGD candidates. Though the government has been denying her detentions Mehbooba, has uploaded videos and informed the media and also through twitter that she is not being allowed to move for the campaign in the DDC elections.

“Illegally detained today for the third time in less than a fortnight. Too much democracy indeed. If my movements are curbed due to ‘security concerns’, then why are BJP ministers allowed to campaign freely in Kashmir while I’ve been asked to wait until culmination of DDC elections?,” she said in her latest tweet, she also posted a letter from Director SSG mentioning that the former CM can’t go to Budgam due to security reasons and her programme may be deferred till the culmination of DDC polls.

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