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KU postpones B Ed exam

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Srinagar Dec 14: The University of Kashmir has postponed Monday’s language question papers of the ongoing B Ed examination in view of allegations of a purported paper leak.
A statement issued by Controller of Examinations at KU this afternoon said that the papers titled ‘Teaching of English/Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi/Kashmiri/Arabic’- the last papers of the ongoing examination- have been postponed after a “guess paper” of the same was doing the rounds this morning.
“Therefore, taking prompt cognisance of the complaints, the examination of today’s B Ed papers was postponed well in advance to avoid any apprehensions among students about the sanctity of the examination,” the statement said.
The question papers have been recalled from all examination centres, it said adding the date of the postponed papers shall be notified separately.
The statement further said that those candidates, who might not be able to sit in the physical examination of the postponed papers on the next scheduled date, can sit in the subsequent online examination for the particular subject. The provision has been specially considered for the sizeable number of students from outside Jammu and Kashmir pursuing the B Ed programme at KU, an official said.
While the Controller of Examinations attributed the postponement of the papers to the “guess paper” in circulation, students alleged a “paper leak” altogether.
On Saturday also, students appearing in the ongoing B Ed examination alleged that a “facsimile” of the question paper titled ‘Teacher Education’ had been doing the rounds well in advance.

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