Crescent Kashmir

Misplaced apprehensions

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J&K administration has been expressing a lot of apprehensions about the ground situation in Jammu and Kashmir post abrogation of article 370 on August 5, 2019.

They have made arrests and also put the curbs on all means of communication including even the landlines. The curbs continued for months and finally the curbs on the telephones and mobiles were completely lifted but the curbs on the speed of the internet continued till date.

Many people went to the courts and even the doors of justice were knocked at the Supreme Court. On the directions of the Supreme Court finally J&K administration decided to restore high speed internet only in two districts out of 24 districts in Jammu and Kashmir.

Now the students are waiting for these curbs to end as hundreds of Kashmiri students will miss the exams online as the low speed internet is not the option for them to sit in these exams.

Recently the JK administration even after so many months decided to continue the ban on high speed internet and now the latest reason given by the government is the current DDC polls being held in 8 phases here.

The order, issued on December 11, said low-speed internet would continue due to “likelihood of misuse of the data services by anti-national elements to disrupt the democratic process by creating fear among the voters, carrying out attacks on security forces, targeting contesting candidates and the workers.”

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