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Trust matters

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Manoj Sinha in a recent interview has said that he has tried to restore the trust among the common people that the administration will not only listen to them but also redress their genuine grievances. About the Roshni scheme and the latest review petition by his administration in the JK high court, Sinha said that they want fair treatment to the poor people who have been benefited under this scheme and they should not be bracketed with those people who have grabbed the land by influence or by corruption.

“Should we treat those who have occupied large tracts of land along the same lines as those who have bought a kanal of land without knowledge? Can we equate wrongdoing by the two categories of people? We have requested the High Court that we intend to bring a law on this and allow ownership of land to the latter category based on today’s prices. The High Court has to decide. Is this wrong”, Manoj Sinha said in the interview while answering many questions about the review petition and Roshni scheme.

However he said that his government has asked in the review petition JK high court that they should be allowed to constitute an SIT (Special Investigation Team); and let it be monitored by the High Court. The government wants ACB to continue with cases which name many government officials. Unwillingness to hand these cases over to CBI has raised questions whether the government wants to shield these officials. He countered these questions by saying that it is up to JK high court to decide on such matters and it is the assurance not only to the court but also to the common people of Jammu and Kashmir that they will get fair treatment from the administration and also from the central government.

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