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Unlocking potential

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Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha recently said that time has come to unlock the potential of youth in Jammu and Kashmir but he did not provide any road map of how to do it within a timeline.

All the previous political dispensations and the Raj Bhawan during the central rule have praised the youth of Jammu and Kashmir but they could not do much to unlock their potential.

Most of the youth in Jammu and Kashmir are still waiting for high speed internet to at least carry on their education and it could be the least to be done by the government for them.

After a lot of protests recently and by the tweets of former chief ministers Jamia Millia Islamia gave much needed relief to the hundreds of students from Kashmir as they could not sit for the exam online due to the low speed internet.

500 days have already passed and youth of Kashmir are still waiting to the required speed of the internet and unlocking of their potential needs such an environment for them to show their mettle.

Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha should intervene and get the high speed internet for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir so that they show their potential not only in education but also in e-commerce and business.

Due to the tabs on the internet, a lot of youth entrepreneurs have suffered a lot in their newly established business units and they need high speed internet to carry on their business activities without being left behind in the competition.

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