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Omar asserts

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Former chief minister and PAGD leader Omar Abdullah has said that if winning of three DDC seats in Kashmir is a victory, then PAGD has created Tsunami by his victory.

Omar Abdullah has said that despite BJP using all the powers and central agencies against the PAGD leaders, people of Jammu and Kashmir by voting in this election have shown that they are negating all the decisions taken by New Delhi on August 5, 2019.

“Our stand on Article 370 and other issues has got a resounding endorsement. We as an alliance fought this election on that,” former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah told the media after the victory.

Out of 20 districts in J&K, the Gupkar Alliance and Congress are winning in the 13 district councils, while the BJP is winning in five districts.

 “The results are encouraging for the alliance as a whole. If you see the circumstances under which this alliance was formed and the all adversity we had to face, whether it was with regard to detentions, whether it was with regard to how our candidates are locked up and denied opportunity to campaign, the way in which arrests were carried out and other actions by the central investigative agencies all timed with this election, then of course the might of the BJP and the Union government with Union ministers coming and campaigning against us, in spite of that the results we have got is something is encouraging and we are deeply humbled by this victory” Omar was quoted in many New Delhi based media channels.

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