Crescent Kashmir

Still an opportunity

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After the conclusion of recently held DDC elections many Kashmir experts and intelligence people who have handled it have been asking the central Government to grab the opportunity and start the political process which has been snapped on August 05, 2019.

The massive clampdown which was started in Jammu and Kashmir along with communication blockade before article 370 was abrogated has not only devastated the economy but the lives of common people in entire Jammu and Kashmir.

When DDC elections were announced in a hurry, most of the experts regarding the Kashmir situation were not sure whether the people will participate or not and what their political behavior.

The elections for District Development Council were held in 8 phases amid the heavy chill of winter and uncertain situations of Kashmir. Despite bad weather conditions and anger among the people, the participation was very high and a large number of people reposed their trust on democracy and voted in favor of their candidates.

All the central leaders, political parties, political experts, intelligence experts expressed their gratitude to the people of Jammu and Kashmir for holding these elections without any violence and virtually holding them incident free.

Now they see after the elections of DDC and opportunity of the government of India to start a genuine political process in Kashmir and have a big heart to accommodate people rather than keeping them on the fringes.

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